Slot Repair

On Site Slot Machine Repair

Do you have an IGT, Jennings Chief, Bally, or Mills Hi Top or Castle Front? 
Maybe an Aristocrat, or some other model?  Does it need a little adjustment? 
A little maintenace….some TLC? Not taking coins properly? Or paying out 
like it should? Maybe it’s paying out too much…( God forbid! )…Well, if you 
West-Central Florida…then you just might have found someone who can 
revive, or maintain, or fix your current one-arm-bandit.

I’ve been servicing, reviving, and restoring antique mechanical, and 
electro-mechanical slots for more than 30 years, and I do them right where 
they sit, 90% of the time… Service in your game room at home, is what I offer. 
So, if you’ve been looking for help with yours, visit the Contact Us page and 
give me a little more info, or call the number below and talk to me or leave a 
message, and we’ll see what can be done…