General Repair Cost Infomation

Thank you for your interest in repair services. I make every effort to undertake these repairs while working around the 
customer’s schedule.

The competition among companies’ designs of the day to create that unique, one-of-a-kind machine, led to an era of some of 
the most grandiose and wondrous music makers ever constructed. The differences in styles and designs were numerous, 
making it very difficult to provide estimates, or probable causes. That said, there’s also the issue of a part needing replaced. 
That  can be a real show-stopper.  Parts for antique models especially, can be difficult if not impossible to find…and sometimes 
when they’re found, the seller will charge exorbitant prices for them just because they know that. Yet, even with all that, I do 
succeed in bringing them back to life most of the time.

Please understand that I am a retired professional repair technician, who strictly works on location. I don’t undertake this type of 
work on a full time basis any more. After 35 years we do not have a shop for restorations or major overhauls. I strictly run service 
calls for repairs and I am very skilled in field repair methods & techniques. Therefore I perform many more types of repairs on 
location, than other service techs would be inclined to attempt.

I run service calls by appointment, on any day of the week, more often than not, on weekends. I will travel distances to a 
limit…and that is approximately 200 miles. But those kinds of calls are becoming more difficult for me, and the longer distances 
can take more of a toll on me, physically,

I do offer warranties in some situations, but generally I’m not inclined to do so simply because most of what I see is old, used 
equipment, and also due to the fact that I can’t control who may attempt to “make adjustments” or alterations of their own.