Pinball Repair

As a very good troubleshooting and repair tech, I was still not prepared for 
the experience of opening up a pinball machine for diagnosis, for the first 
time…But through mostly hard work, and persistence, and some frustration 
of course, I gained a good knowledge of the various machines and their 

Pinballs being one of my favorite items to play, gave me the added desire 
to learn more about them…yet, sometimes I still wonder if some of the 
designers were under the influence…so to speak.

Bally, Williams, Data East, Premier, and yes, even Gottlieb, are some of the 
names that I work on when it comes to pinballs. Mechanical, Electro- 
Mechanical, and Digitals, too. Help with restoration can also be available in 
some cases, and I’m especially familiar with old mechanical types. So if 
you’ve got one you need help with, visit the contact us page, and tell me 
something about your problem.