Jukebox Repair

On Site Jukebox Repair
After working with jukebox manufacturers for many years, and performing these services for many different vending operators, 
I’ve decided to bring the knowledge and experience of my efforts to the private owner.

I have since, pretty much retired from the industry however, I still love making those  money-gobbling-yet-charming pieces of 
technological elegance (
did I add nightmares in there?) play again.

I offer on-location service in your home, game room, or place of business, on practically all makes, models, and styles of 
antique jukeboxes, modern day CD replicas, and commercial units, too. From the old 78 RPM’s, to 45’s, and the current CD 
players…Names like Wurlitzer, Seeburg, RockOla, Rowe AMI, NSM, and others, with years of experience working on all kinds of 
selector mechanisms, carriage and transfer mechs, and amplifiers, from tube-type to transistor, and integrated circuitry.

Whether you own one of these unique machines, or are thinking of getting one, or bringing one back to life, then you know that 
help can be difficult to locate. I offer repair experience, and I come to you. So if you’re in need of services like these, or you 
just want to get your box checked out and see if it’s worth reviving, just go to the Contact Us page, and let’s see what I might 
be able to do for you.

e-mail:   tech@jukeboxrepairservice.com